Delilah's Variety Shows

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Delilah's Variety Show themes include Hawaiian Hula Dance, Belly Dance, Flamenco Dance, International Dance and Magic.


Hawaiian Hula Dance Show

Delilah's Tropical Splendor Hawaiian Hula Dance Show is a trip to the tropics! We begin our journey in Hawaii with popular Hawaiian songs the audience can sing along with. Next Delilah hula dances to a variety of music from the Hawaiian Islands. Hula dance props include feathered gourds and poi balls. A Hula dance lesson is included, teaching the audience some hula dance movements. We relax after the hula dance lesson by singing a few more island songs. Then we visit another Hawaiian island where Delilah does more hula dancing. The exciting dance finale is when Delilah teaches everyone a popular Hawaiian Hula Dance. We end our Hawaiian hula dance show Hawaiian style, with the beloved song Aloha! Until we meet again...see Hula Dance page for more info.


Spanish Flamenco Dance Show

Delilah's Hooray Hispanica Flamenco Dance Show is a celebration of Hispanic and Spanish music and dance! Delilah begins in Spain, with a fiery Spanish Flamenco dance show. Flamenco dances feature a variety of props, including fans, fringed shawl and castanets. Then we journey to Central America and sing popular Hispanic songs, including Besame Mucho, Guantanamera, Amor, Amor, Amor. Audience participation is encouraged. Next stop is Mexico for a rousing dance medley, showcasing different styles of Mexican music and dance. Final destination is South America, where we visit the Girl from Ipanema and sing a few more songs. We finish with a dance everyone knows and joins in with - the Macarena! See Flamenco Dance page for more photos.

Bellydance Shows, Bellydance lessons

Arabian Nights Belly Dance Show features two exciting Bellydance shows from the Middle East. The Turkish Cabaret belly dance show is a five-part bellydance show that begins with upbeat music and finger cymbals, slows down for graceful veil work and candles, heats up with a belly dance drum solo and ends with lively music and belly dancing with the audience. The second show is Egyptian style belly dance. Both belly dance shows are artistic and tasteful and delight all nationalities. A belly dance lesson is included between the 2 belly dance shows.This belly dance show is about 50 minutes to an hour depending on amount of audience participation. For more info and photos on belly dance shows and lessons, go to Belly Dance page.

Magic & International Dance Show

A magical, musical trip around the world without leaving your seat! Magician Delilah's Wondrous World Tour combines magic, music, international dance, comedy and singing into a fun variety show for all ages. The Magic Show begins with a dramatic opening number that blends magic and dance, including dramatic props, objects that magically appear and disappear, and Delilah swallowing a sword! We travel to Spain for some Flamenco Dance and magic, and to Hawaii for Hula Dance and magic. Magician Delilah also sings and performs magic. Comedy weaves the magic and dance segments of the show together. See video clip below, and Magic Shows page for more info and photos.

Video of Magic & Dance Show

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